Technical FAQ

How much horsepower does the Horizon lawnmower blade style head require?

The Horizon lawnmower blade style head requires 18-20 horsepower per row.

How much horsepower does the Rota Disc head require per row?

The Rota Disc requires a mere 2.5-3 horsepower more than the NorthStar per row for a total of 8.5-9 horsepower per row, which is about half as much horsepower than a lawnmower blade style head.

How much horsepower does the NorthStar head require per row?

The NorthStar requires approximately 6 horsepower per row.

What is the proper angle to set my head at during harvest?

Geringhoff recommends the NorthStar at 22 degrees and the Rota Disc at 25 degrees. The angle is measured off the deck plates.

What kind of oil should I use in the gearboxes?
  • NorthStar row unit gear box - 2 Liters of 80-90 non synthetic oil
  • Rota Disc row unit gear box - 1.5 Liters of 80-90 non synthetic
  • Miter and crown gear box - 1.5 Liters of non synthetic
How often do I grease the zerks on the front of the row units on a Geringhoff head?

It is recommended that you grease the zerks every 12 hours of operation.

Can it be attached to my combine?

Yes. Geringhoff corn heads can be adapted to all makes and models of combines.

Parts FAQ

Where is the Return Authorization form on the website?

We currently do not have a form online for returns. Please either fax RMA requests to (320) 252-4637 or email RMA requests to

  • Fax on company letterhead and make sure return fax number is listed.
  • State what you are returning and why.
  • A copy of Invoice is needed for all returns.
What is the cut off time for orders?
  • 3 pm for UPS and Spee-Dee orders
  • Next Day Air orders always go to the top of the order stack
  • Noon for truck orders
Can I place and order over the phone or via email?

Geringhoff does not accept phone or email orders. We require a paper trail on all orders.

Fax orders will be accepted until November 1, 2015. After that, you'll need to place your parts orders online.

To order online, go to and use your dealer login to get started.

What is the difference in adapter kits?
  • 2011 & prior heads have an adapter kit and bottom plate configuration.
  • 2012 heads are the picture frame adapter kit.
  • 2013-present heads have the adapter kit and bottom plate configuration along with design changes from the 2011 and prior.
Why when I click Submit while placing an order in do I get Error 3617? is only compatible with Internet Explorer and you have lost compatibility, or you are using Chrome and do not have the proper extension in place.

  • Go to
  • Login to the Dealer Center
  • Click on Trouble shooting.
  • If using Internet Explorer, use PDF Error 3617
  • If using Chrome, use PDF for downloading IE extension

General FAQ

How does the Geringhoff Horizon lawnmower blade style head compare to competitors lawnmower blade style head for horsepower consumption?

Due to a superior gearbox design, the Horizon lawnmower blade style chopping head requires slightly less horsepower than the competitors per row.

What type of dealer network is available?

An extensive Geringhoff dealer network is required to stock common parts and we maintain a massive parts support inventory at distribution warehouses across North America. Combine that with easy online ordering, and it's easy to keep your Geringhoff in top condition.