German Engineering + American Muscle

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Companies often have taglines or brand promises that speak to the users and promoters of the brand. Geringhoff is no different; our tagline is “German Engineering, American Muscle.” But, what does it mean to our customers or the rest of the marketplace? It means combining precision and ruggedness for a product superior in its class. Here’s more background on our brand’s tagline.

A Powerful Combination

Germany has long been considered a manufacturing powerhouse, and some of the world’s most renowned brands have German roots: Mercedes, BMW, Porsche. What makes these particular automotive brands stand out? Performance, precision, and quality. And, at the root of both performance and quality is design engineering – creating great designs for great products with world-class reputations. Geringhoff engineers in Germany have developed an innovative and robust product that not only performs well but also has durability in the toughest of American field conditions. 

What comes to mind when you consider prominent American brands like Harley Davidson, Chevrolet, or Peterbilt? Strength, dependability, and muscle. There's pride and functionality represented by each of these iconic logos. American manufacturing is about ruggedness and never compromising quality, and creating products for customers they're proud to own, run, and promote. What these brands stand for might be less about design aesthetic or engineering and more about the built-to-last functionality of each manufactured product. They’re built with pride. They’re built to perform.

There is strength when two good things come together ... like German engineering and American muscle. 


North American Agriculture 

MVI_5017.jpgThe Geringhoff brand has been advancing in the U.S. since 2000. The price of commodities (corn and soybeans) pushed the growth of the agricultural economy to record high levels and with it, Geringhoff product sales also reached a new peak in this country. Based on that growth and a promising future, Geringhoff - with corporate headquarters in Ahlen, Germany - decided to locate a manufacturing facility in the U.S. to serve the most progressive corn farmers in the world. In September of 2012, Geringhoff announced the establishment of our new facility in the U.S. specifically in St. Cloud MN.

The spirit and enthusiasm of the American mindset in creating a world-class manufacturing operation were encouraging for everyone in Germany to see. Geringhoff needed far more than just muscle for this expansion; we needed people with the passion and reliability for building our quality products. We hired skilled laborers who were good with their hands - welders, fabricators, forklift drivers, mechanics, and more. In the summer of 2013, we began producing the most basic heads like the NorthStar 8 row 30 inch in the new facility. We continued to expand our capabilities to include many more configurations. Our American team was instrumental in determining how to build new products like the Milo Star and production of our new TruFlex Razor, after a very successful pilot production during the fall of 2016. 


The Future

Because of our team, I can say we have gained the respect from our engineers in Germany by giving them our feedback on how to do things better and easier for both the operator and production. Quality products can't be built without the best quality people; it’s our people who ultimately create our products for customers and the industry. Our technology grants us a competitive edge, backed by research and development that is second to none. With the help of great local suppliers, we have succeeded in purchasing close to 80 percent of our materials in the U.S. We are seeking more suppliers in order to source more of our needs for the new products in 2017 and beyond. This company is ready to serve the North American market as the agricultural economy rebounds.

Geringhoff's unique combination of German Engineering and American Muscle means great products will be designed on one continent and built on another with a single goal: increase productivity and efficiency for the farmers who help feed the world

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