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Continuing our eight-part blog series about Geringhoff’s full line, this week we’re diving into our premium headers, the Freedom and Patriot.


The Gateway to Narrow Rows

When it comes to the Geringhoff Freedom Corn Head, we like to say, “Harvest like there’s no tomorrow.” Not only does this saying speak to the challenge of unpredictable weather, but also to the dependable performance these premium corn heads provide growers who want to maximize their time and overall yield potential.

Delivering an incredibly hassle-free harvest thanks to its innovative “slim-line” row unit, 15” corn harvesting is no longer a challenge. Optional RD stalk processing on the Freedom makes for efficient residue processing with best-in-class performance, even at higher ground speeds. With an angled two-chain gathering system and row unit design, every cob is delivered gently to the auger trough while gravity keeps the chain guides free from debris. The low 20-degree profile of the Freedom makes for an aggressive header on tough-to-get down corn.


Row Unit

The revolutionary and patented design of the Freedom’s row unit offers gentle delivery of ears to the trough.

Residue Management

Stalk material is vertically sliced and shredded and then evenly distributed for the most thorough residue processing on the market. The Freedom is the only corn head to offer stalk chopping in a 15-inch configuration. All at an industry low horsepower draw of 2.3hp/row


Easy transition from 30” to 15” rows make this corn head a gateway to narrow row corn production. An easy transition for those using a “splitter” planter to plant corn and soybeans. 


Slim Line row unit: A Geringhoff innovative design that uses “tilted” gathering chain guides and angled lugs on the gathering chain to allow 2 gathering chains per row, maximizing yield retention and reducing crop loss.

Low Profile Frame design: The Freedom has been designed to provide a low 20-degree row unit angle which makes it unstoppable in adverse conditions. Add the optional ICF reel and let nothing stand in your way at harvest.

End Row Augers: A popular option on other Geringhoff corn head models, end row augers have proven to be a staple with progressive combine operators. Keeping the outside rows coming into the header is critical for yield retention. A standard feature on the Freedom.

See the Freedom in action



A Premium Offering for Any Challenge

At Geringhoff, innovation is the name of the game. Our growers depend on quality headers that enhance the harvest experience and maximize their combine’s capacity. Thanks to the all-new Patriot Corn Head, you can expect outstanding performance no matter the conditions. Suited for single or twin row planting configurations, the Patriot is also a star when it comes to taking care of down corn.

The difference is clear. A precision engineered wide-angle gathering system, end row augers, stainless-steel row divider protection, and factory-installed illumination package all work together to get the job done, the Patriot is the best corn head to tackle the evolving demands of tomorrow’s corn fields.


Row Unit

The Patriot row unit has a precision-engineered gathering system and its wide-angle format means reduced stalk whipping in twin row corn and forgiveness when drifting off single rows. Forgiveness when harvesting those “guess” rows that obviously were a guess!

Residue Management

NorthStar Processing offers knife-to-knife stalk processing of the stalk and places the residue directly over the row. No long, “hairpinned” stalks to deal with later.

Rota Disc processing offers the legendary stalk shredding that Geringhoff is known for. The most thorough stalk processing on the market comes from the integrated rotary carbide knives which mesh with the snapping rolls. At only 2.3hp/row, you can’t afford to process residue any other way.

Harvest Efficiency

Lowest horsepower draw, matched combine capacity, low cost of ownership all add up to the efficient harvest you will ever experience. Add the ICF reel and folding options to add even more efficiency!


Wide-Angle Gathering System: Eliminate whipping and ear loss. Forgiveness when drifting off the row.

Double-acting deck plates: Both deck plates move in and out to keep the stalk centered in the row unit.

End Row Augers: An option on all other Geringhoff corn heads, this proven enhancement is now standard on the Patriot. Down and lodged corn is easily separated and carried over the end divider and into the row unit, preventing ear loss of outside rows.

Stainless-Steel divider Guards: Extends the life of poly row divider when harvesting twin-row corn off the row.

LED Illumination. LED lighting extends your harvest window well into the night with this standard feature.

See the Patriot in action


No matter which premium Geringhoff corn head you choose, the options available on both the Freedom and Patriot headers put you on the path to success.


Header Height Control: HeadSight™ sensors and controllers that offer you effortless automatic control of the header height. Maintain consistent stubble height and protect divider snouts from damage with these premium header height control options.

ICF Sweeper: Keep moving in tough conditions! The Integrated Crop Flow reel system is designed to be integral to the header. Easily fold up and out of the way when not needed and extend when the going gets tough. Just a push of a button from the cab. This time-saving feature allows fore and aft as well as up and down function to gather and continuously feed down corn as well as extremely dry, brittle stalks when slug-feeding is an issue.

When it comes to corn heads that deliver reliability and results, go with Geringhoff. 


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