The First Milostar Built in America

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The employees at the Geringhoff factory in St. Cloud, Minnesota are working at full speed in preparation for a busy season. Geringhoff’s goal is to make the harvest easier and more productive for farmers.  The factory is bustling with activity with a focus on quality to accomplish our goal.


One of the exciting new products that Geringhoff has recently released is a revolutionary new way to harvest grain sorghum, or Milo as many call it. Up until now, all of the MiloStar heads were built in Germany, and shipped to the United States for delivery. Even though the factory workers have years of experience building Geringhoff heads, they were new to the MiloStar.

Taking their knowledge from building Geringhoff corn heads, the build team in St. Cloud accepted the challenge, and began their construction of the first MiloStar built in the USA. Pictured here is the first MiloStar off the line, and the proud team of employees that worked hard to build it. 


The two key ingredients that have proven themselves time after time for Geringhoff, have come together once again to successfully complete another big project; German Engineering, and American Muscle.

Learn more about the American manufacturing facility where Geringhoff heads are assembled here, and check out the MiloStar product page to learn more on this revolutionary new way to harvest Milo.

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