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Pre-Harvest Maintenance Tips

Get ready for harvest and prevent downtime

Pre-Harvest Maintenance Tips

Get ready for harvest and prevent downtime

Tips to Keep you Up and Running

Pre-Harvest Maintenance

At Geringhoff we pride ourselves on providing the best customer support in the industry and, like you, we know that downtime is never an option. In our continued effort to keep you up and running, we’ve put together these early maintenance tips to help you prep for harvest 2019!

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Maintenance Checklist
Be sure to perform these simple maintenance procedures to ensure your harvest goes smoothly.
Check oil* in crown gear box (PTO drive line) – in level position – bottom check plug
Check oil* in miter gear box – center check plug
Check oil* level in row unit gear boxes
Grease row units – 3 zerks/row on Rota Disc model, 2 zerks/row on Northstar model
Grease PTO shafts and bearing connection
Auger chain drive – check for proper tension and alignment on sprockets
Clean under movable deck plate – make sure it has full movement
Ensure all deck plates are adjusted the same and are 1⁄8 inch wider in the back
Check and adjust stalk roll knives on Northstar model
Check and adjust stationary knives on Rota Disc model
Ensure all safety shields are in place
Check cutoff block for wear
Oil gathering chains with chain lube, before and after storage
Check functionality of Headsight control (if equipped)
Thoroughly clean your equipment before storage

* All oil levels should be checked in level position

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Uptime Kits
Uptime Kits save you time and money on routine parts replacements by bundling needed items in to a cost-effective kit – saving you up to 42% off the cost of individual parts!

Containing genuine Geringhoff parts, which outlast and outperform aftermarket parts, Uptime Kits help you protect your investment and ensure the superior performance you expect from your Geringhoff corn head.

Uptime Kits

Rota Disc

Available Kits:
  • Rotating Knife Kit
  • Stationary Knife Kit
  • Chopping Disc Kit
  • Roller Kit

  • Uptime Kits


    Available Kits:
  • Stripper Knife Kit
  • Working Edge Kit
  • Stripper Knife Kit (2011 and prior)

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    Additional Resources
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