Geringhoff Innovation Through the Decades

German Engineering + American Muscle = First-in-Class Harvest Evolution, Decade After Decade

Farming and agriculture looks a lot different than it did in 1880. So does Geringhoff’s product line, which has advanced the harvesting industry with a solitary idea for 136 years: make harvest easier. Carl Geringhoff recognized the need for invention, and created threshing machines and corn and grain drying machines, and we took it from there. When it comes to harvest, one thing matters: productivity. Here’s how Geringhoff machinery has supported harvest productivity for decades.

Folding Corn Head Technology

Folding Corn Head Technology

Save Time Folding Instead of Hauling

Powerful corn headers plus in-cab folding control offers reduced width for safe transport and storage. With Geringhoff’s folding corn head technology, moving from point A to point B is easy and safe. Our folding models range from four rows to the world’s largest 18-row, 30-inch model. Whatever your need and preference, control it from within your combine cab.

Narrow Row Spacing

Versatility with Narrow Row Spacing

Geringhoff Offers the world's most advanced Corn Head on the Market

Your harvesting options no longer have to be constrained by planting configurations; our new Independence product line – the Freedom and Patriot Corn Heads – give you the freedom to take your planting and harvesting beyond current limitations if you desire. The Freedom header enables growers to think about moving from 30-inch spacing - which is how 80 percent of the country plants - to try a 15-inch row configuration that could result in a higher yield and as a result, higher profit. The ability to transition from 15-inch soybeans to 15-inch corn is now a possibility with the Freedom corn head, and the Independence line headers offer versatility in the ability to plant multiple row spacings in the same fields. 


German Engineering with American Muscle

German Engineering & American Muscle

Geringhoff Made in the U.S.A

Our founder Carl Geringhoff was a German inventor. Germany and its associated European Union is the world’s second largest agricultural producer. It’s fair to say the country knows its fair share about corn, wheat, and crops in general. What’s the best of both worlds? Combining German engineering, innovation, and research with American commerce, manufacturing, and industry. A century’s-old foundation led us to St. Cloud, Minnesota where we put down new roots and re-introduced our global brand stateside. Our American manufacturing facility is a testament to our belief and support of agriculture right here in this heartland.

Stalk Processing

Stalk Processing Becomes Stalk Destruction

Geringhoff’s Residue Management System

The plant material left in your fields after harvest is valuable resource, and its increasing demand across the industry is something Geringhoff wants to support. In the 1960’s, we brought the world its first chopping head, similar to how the two blades rotate like a lawnmower. We continued to advance the stalk shredding capabilities of our corn heads, and our innovation unveiled the Rota Disc, the most powerful corn head in the industry. The Rota Disc maximizes production with efficient stalk destruction and expedited breakdown and decomposition of crop residue.

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