Gain capacity and save time with a folding corn head. Today’s larger class combines demand the capacity that can only be offered by 8, 12, 16, 18, and 24 row headers. The obvious challenges are trying to move down the road with an oversize implement, or the traditional labor and time intensive procedure of dismounting your header from the combine and having it towed when traveling on roadways.

Increase your combine’s capacity, save time, and make transport safer. Geringhoff offers folding models ranging from four rows to the world’s largest 18 row 30” model. With the folding procedure controlled from inside the cab, you’ll feel more confident about what’s over the next hill or around the curve when transporting.


Cab Control

Utilizing existing hydraulic and in cab controls, the entire folding procedure is done from within the cab of the combine.


Both the PTO and auger drives engage with an oversize, spring loaded dog clutch allowing engagement of the drive without slipping or jumping of the drives.

Poly Fold

An automatic folding sequence, triggered from inside the cab, allows the poly to fold independently on the inside section.

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