Similar in design to the NorthStar Elite XL, the Horizon Elite XL features a low weight design, maximum performance, the ability to disengage the chopper, and carries with it the Geringhoff reputation of a low maintenance, high quality machine. Low operating costs and minimum maintenance ensure a fast return on investment.



1. Hardened Spiral Rolls

  • Aggressive design pulls stalks in from any angle

2. Parallel Knife Rolls

  • Minimal tolerance creates an aggressive crimping action that cuts through 98% of the stalk
  • Adjustable and replaceable working edges to minimize repair cost and time

3. Single Component Design

  • The only row unit without a frame
  • All components are secured around the gearbox
  • Excellent access for service

4. Hydraulic Deck Plates

  • Regulated at any time from the operators seat
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance
  • No freezing in cold weather
  • In cab digital monitor indicates the shaft speed and stripper plate positioning
  • Design and additional wear edges minimize kernel loss
  • Wide mouth and rounded stripping edges minimize crop damage
  • On the go adjustment to maintain optimum performance while minimizing cob loss further increasing your yields

5. Cutting Blades

  • No extra need for a stalk chopper
  • Can be disengaged

6. Blade Attachment

  • Safety clutches to protect against damage from foreign objects

7. Vine Knife

  • Prevents wrapping of tough material
  • Minimizes excessive wear and damage to other components

8. Additional Pinch Points

  • Additional pinch points help to crimp residue and improve feeding in tough conditions
  • Minimizes wear for knife roll edges

9. Aluminum Gearbox

  • “Bullet proof” reliability
  • Design proven by over a decade of use
  • Protection and drive on every row unit
  • Lightweight
  • Internal slip clutch
  • Minimal maintenance (500 hour oil change)


10. Poly Return Sprocket

  • High density lightweight design
  • Reduces wear on gathering chain
  • Increased diameter for greater exposure to crop
  • Efficient gear ratio to bottom drive sprocket
  • Exceptional picking characteristics

11. Automatic Chain Tensioner

  • Eliminates excessive chain wear
  • Chain tension regulated automatically
  • Automatic compression resists chain damage from foreign objects
  • No screws to adjust

12. Beveled Drive Sprocket

  • A specialized chain removal tool exclusive to Geringhoff makes changing out gathering chains quick and effortless
  • One of three components of our row unit protection system
  • Extends chain life by allowing free movement when obstructed
  • Works in conjunction with the automatic chain tensioner and internal gearbox slip clutch
  • Proven by over 20 years of use

13. Gathering Chains

  • Heaviest gathering chain on the market
  • Unique posi-loc lug design effectively gathers stalk
  • Exceptional functionality and durability
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