As producers across the country have looked for better ways to get increased yields from every acre, narrow row corn seems to be a reoccurring option. Geringhoff has been investing the time and money to develop a premium narrow row harvesting solution. We have focused specifically on 15 inch row corn over the last several years, as more farmers are seeing great benefits from this configuration. Some of these benefits include:

  • Higher yield potential
  • Improved water and nutrient utilization
  • Quick crop canopy resulting in better moisture conservation, air flow, and reduced weed growth
  • Better equipment utilization since many producers already own 15” splitter planters 

To hear unique testimonies from 15-inch row growers across the U.S., watch the video that features some of the benefits of growing corn on 15-inch rows... 

Geringhoff strives to meet the needs of growers and works hard to develop new products that advance the harvesting abilities of our customers. Geringhoff’s answer to harvesting 15-inch corn is the new Freedom corn head. The Freedom is part of our Independence line of heads – heads that give you the ability to harvest with the freedom you deserve. These premium corn heads include enhanced features that are standard equipment, designed to help you maximize your combine capacity and retain the most yield. Harvest your 15-inch row corn with the Geringhoff Freedom, and take control of your harvest.


To hear more from narrow row growers, click below to watch an additional video with more information:

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