Stalks are aggressively fed into the Rota Disc and are continuously transported rearward while being pulled down through the stalk destruction system. Durable cutting discs create small pieces uniquely exposed by a 25-degree cut and a vertical slice to the remaining stalk. The effectiveness of this well engineered process is not reduced by an increase in ground speed. The Rota Disc system draws a mere 2.5 - 3.0 additional horsepower per row to complete the stalk destruction.


This unique design will speed you through harvest and leave a distinctly processed field behind. The stalks will be vertically sliced, shredded, and evenly distributed, ready for rapid decomposition. The Rota Disc is recognized as the industry’s most efficient stalk destruction corn header. Maximize your harvest potential with the outstanding quality and superior performance of the Rota Disc. Experience reduced fuel consumption, reduced downtime and fewer maintenance requirements. Geringhoff owners consistently rank their machines as a major contributor to increased yields as the entire machine is designed to reduce header loss and efficiently deliver more ears to the feeder house.

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