Geringhoff sets the standard for high performance with low horsepower demand. The design concept of the Rota Disc is unique and considered the most advanced in the industry.

Don't leave yield in the field. The Rota Disc has been engineered to provide exceptional performance in the most adverse conditions such as down corn and tough BT corn stalks.

Featuring a low profile design, large diameter lower sprockets on the gathering chains, hydraulic stripper plates, and long flat divider points, the Rota Disc provides outstanding crop retrieval and a smooth passage of the plant, minimizing crop loss and putting more bushels in your bin.


1. Poly Return Sprocket

  • High density lightweight design
  • Reduces wear on gathering chain
  • Increased diameter for greater exposure to crop
  • Efficient gear ratio to bottom drive sprocket
  • Exceptional picking characteristics

2. Automatic Chain Tensioner

  • Eliminates excessive chain wear
  • Chain tension regulated automatically
  • Automatic compression resists chain damage from foreign objects
  • No screws to adjust

3. Beveled Drive Sprocket

  • One of three components of the gathering chain slip clutch
  • Extends chain life by allowing free movement when obstructed
  • Works in conjunction with the automatic chain tensioner and internal gearbox slip clutch
  • Proven by over 20 years of use

4. Gathering Chains

  • Heaviest gathering chain on the market
  • Unique posi-loc lug design effectively gathers stalk
  • Exceptional functionality and durability

5. Double Acting Automatic Hydraulic Deck Plates

  • Regulated at any time from the operators seat
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance
  • No freezing in cold weather
  • In cab digital monitor indicates the shaft speed and stripper plate positioning
  • Design and additional wear edges minimize kernel loss
  • Wide mouth and rounded stripping edges minimize crop damage
  • On the go adjustment to maintain optimum performance while minimizing cob loss further increasing your yields
Rota Disc Row Unit Top


6. Hardened spiral rolls

  • Aggressive design pulls stalks in from any angle

7. Stationary Knife and Stubble Cutter

  • Active carbide cutting edge works with the stationary knife to tear the stalks from the ground to initiate the picking process
  • No compression effect like other systems that can cause excessive wear
  • Creates a picking system that is independent of the ground speed
  • Guaranteed stubble cut create short ragged stalk for quick decay
  • Stationary knife is adjustable to maintain a tight tolerance and minimize wear
  • Avoids blunt stalks which can damage tires

8. Picking Rollers

  • Three intermeshed rollers aligned to vertically shred stalks
  • Engineered to create a self sharpening action on cutting discs
  • Efficiently processes stalks with low horsepower demand
  • 100% of harvested material is processed to destruction

9. Single Component Design

  • The only row unit without a frame
  • All components are secured around the gearbox
  • Excellent access for service

10. Vine Cutter

  • Prevents wrap of tough material
  • Minimizes excessive wear and damage to other components

11. Roller Bushings

  • Poly lined bushings separate Rota Discs for quick and simple replacement or rotation

12. Trash Deflector

  • Assists with even distribution of trash throughout the field
  • Reduces occasion of trash windrows and bunching
  • Row Units Continued
  • Row Units Continued

13. Shredding Discs

  • Carbide tipped discs engineered to perfection
  • Slices and shreds collected stalks
  • Exceptionally long lasting, maintains sharp edge
  • Not subject to damage or breakage by rocks and debris
  • Avoids the risk of “projectile” lawn mower blade design

14. Aluminum Gearbox

  • “Bullet proof” reliability, design proven by over a decade of use
  • Protection and drive on every row unit, internal slip clutch
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal maintenance (500 hour oil change)
Rota Disc Row Unit Bottom
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