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Order today to lock in current pricing of the 35' and 40' TruFlex Razor Draper with optional integrated air system. See your authorized Geringhoff dealer to place your order for the most advanced draper on the market! Offer ends 6/30/17, so get your orders in now. 



There’s no such thing as a perfectly uniform or evenly contoured field. For low growing crops, the Geringhoff TruFlex Razor offers a first-in-class flexible frame, flexible cutter bar, plus a flexible, segmented reel. That's forceful flexibility, three times over. That unique combination proprietary to the TruFlex Razor results in delicate, precision harvest. This exclusive design lends itself to the future of harvesting.

Cutting Edge Design

Cutting Edge Design

Combines a flexible frame and flexible cutter bar with a segmented and flexible reel, meaning every contour is easily traversed and cut razor-close.



The TruFlex’s center knife design eliminates weight on the wings, and reduces crop pushover.

Harvest Efficiency

Harvest Efficiency

Enables growers to maximize combine capacity unmatched by other heads. The flexibility of the TruFlex allows for wider header configurations and the closest cut regardless of terrain.

Wheat, soybeans, canola, and other grains have met their match with Geringhoff’s answer to draper technology. The three frame segments offer extreme sensitivity with low clearance; the best of both worlds. The sensitivity of the draper is supported by the Truflex Razor’s center knife drive, which reduces weight on the wings and allows a narrow, four-inch end panel to preserve every part of your crops. Save power, reduce vibration, and handle the contours of your fields with a truly razor-like precision.


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  • Reduced Weight and Improved Agility of Frame Design
  • Nearly Parallel Cutter Bar to Reel Segments
  • Maximum Responsiveness Across Length of Head



  • Exceptional Flex Even in the Toughest Terrain
  • Center Knife Drive Minimizes Vibration for Smoother Feeding
  • Optional Air Flow System Delivers More Bean to the Table


Additional Features

Combine Adapters

Combine Adapters

Versatility is important, that's why our combine adaptors allow the Truflex Razor to be easily switched between models or brands. Your header's resale value is maximized by being able to adapt to all combines.

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