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Talk with Geringhoff service specialists at 1-888-721-1340. Hours of operation are 8 A.M. to 5 P.M CST Monday to Friday. Extended service hours during harvest season.

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All Geringhoff dealers have the knowledge and experience to handle your service questions. Contact them for any information specific to your area. Click here to find your Authorized Geringhoff Dealer.

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Authorized Geringhoff dealers can submit warranty claims online by logging in and visiting

Download digital parts manuals:

NorthStar Parts Manual - 2012 - Current

Rota Disc Parts Manual - 2012 - Current

TruFlex Razor 35ft with Air system - 2018

TruFlex Razor 35ft without Air system - 2018

TruFlex Razor 40ft with Air system - 2018

TruFlex Razor 40ft without Air system - 2018

Freedom Rota Disc Parts Manual - 2018

Freedom NorthStar Parts Manual - 2018

Patriot 30" NorthStar Parts Book

Patriot 30" Rota Disc Parts Book

TruFlex Razor 40ft Parts Manual - 2017

TruFlex Razor 35ft Parts Manual - 2017

Freedom Parts Manual - 2017

MiloStar 1230 - Case - Parts Manual  2016 - Current

MiloStar 1230 - John Deere - Parts Manual - 2016 - Current

Horizon Parts Manual - 2014 - Current

NorthStar Parts Manual - 2005 - 2011

Rota Disc Parts Manual - 2005 - 2011