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Geringhoff Warranty Extension

Prime coverage for worry-free harvesting

Geringhoff Warranty Extension

Prime coverage for worry-free harvesting

Harvest with peace of mind

Geringhoff Warranty Extension overview

Geringhoff is dedicated to providing products that are head of the class - no matter the crop. However, we realize that despite our best efforts, equipment defects may occur from time-to-time. That is why we offer comprehensive coverage with the Geringhoff Warranty Extension.

What's Covered

Geringhoff Warranty Extension covers repair and replacement of defective materials, components, and workmanship. Coverage includes key features such as:
  • Row Unit Gearboxes
  • Poly/Plastic Components
  • Hydraulic System
  • PTO Shafts and Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Frame Materials and Weld Mounts
  • Bearings
  • Lighting
  • Augers
  • Electrical Monitors
Geringhoff Warranty Extension does not cover standard wear items or damage caused by abuse.

Additional Benefits

The benefits of the Geringhoff Warranty Extension go beyond equipment coverage.
  • Same-day* approval for authorized repair services during harvest
  • Higher trade-in value if you do so before Geringhoff Warranty Extension expires
  • Transferable coverage (must be transferred within 30-days of sale)

* Limitations and restrictions may apply to same-day claim approvals


One-time cost. Full-time coverage.

Cost of Coverage

Save $100 per row when you register for Geringhoff Warranty Extension within 30-days of receiving delivery on your machine!
Purchased WITHIN 30-days of delivery* ($375/row) Purchased AFTER 30-days of delivery*​​​​​​​  ($475/row)
Rows Total Cost Rows Total Cost
6 $2,250 6 $2,850
8 $3,000 8 $3,800
12 $4,500 12 $5,700
16 $6,000 16 $7,600
18 $6,750 18 $8,550
24 $9,000 24 $11,400
* Purchased within 30-days of delivery to consumer -OR-
purchased at the time of original equipment sale
* Purchased after 30-days of delivery to consumer -AND-
before expiration of original 2-year manufacturer warranty



Signing up is easy as 1-2-3

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Geringhoff Warranty Extension


Geringhoff Warranty Extension certificate and welcome package