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A first of its kind sorghum head.

The only one on the market - the only choice for you.

A first of its kind sorghum head.

The only one on the market - the only choice for you.

The challenge of sorghum

Milo is a whole different game

Grain sorghum is harvested after the seeds are fully mature, and require milo headers that offer precision, flexibility, and time management. Geringhoff's MiloStar* is that solution. Harvest at faster speeds, save resources on drying, and harvest at lower moisture without damage or crop loss.

Row unit

The only one

The only row unit on the market engineered specifically for grain sorghum, and built for any crop condition including weather-damaged crops.

Residue Management

Healthier future crops

The higher knife placement of the MiloStar* allows for higher stubble, which preserves crop moisture for healthier future crops.

Harvest Efficiency

Truly exclusive

Peace of mind for milo growers comes from the ability to rely on a truly exclusive sorghum head for harvest. The row-type header reduces the amount of materials other than grains going through combines.

Lower moisture without fear of crop loss or damage

Harvest with peace of mind

The same best-in-class performance as our corn headers, the MiloStar* delivers unparalleled performance in all field conditions. Designed as the first header specific to milo, Geringhoff continues to bring growers reliable difference makers across every aspect of harvest. Choose to harvest milo with the only header engineered for this type of crop and its unique characteristics.

Smart harvesting

lower moisture crop without loss or shatter

With the MiloStar, you can now harvest lower moisture crop (down to 14%) without loss or shatter. This gives you more flexibility in deciding when you want to harvest, while saving you time and money spent drying your crop.

Smart harvesting

Your fields will benefit

Your fields will benefit from taller stubble which promotes moisture and controls erosion. The MiloStar reduces the amount of MOG (materials other than grain) going through combines, which increases harvest efficiency.

Most reliable, effectively, hardened

Rigorous German engineering

In the toughest conditions:

  • Superior soil moisture retention
  • Reduced field erosion
  • Improved soil fertility for future crops

The MiloStar delivers:

Reliability you can trust

  • Designed exclusively for grain sorghum the first header of its kind in the industry
  • Smooth crop transfer gives you better retention, and less shatter loss in the field
  • Maintenance free gearboxes to maximize your uptime during harvest
  • Handles dry crop efficiently, saving you time, money and energy drying your crop
  • Leaves taller stubble (often 6-10" longer than other heads) to trap soil moisture
  • Engineered for 250+ bushel per acre fields, to easily handle your high yield
  • Our smooth stalk transfer system lets you harvest in lower moisture levels - saving you time, energy and money drying your grain