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Horizon SC Elite XL

Geringhoff is the world-leader of stover collection heads

Horizon SC Elite XL

Geringhoff is the world-leader of stover collection heads

Maximum effectiveness

The world's leading manufacturer of biomass collection heads

Designed with a sustainable harvest in mind, the Geringhoff SC Elite XL windrows less than half of stover, leaving the rest in the field for future nutrient absorption. Ethanol production companies and cattle producers both want a clean bale, and the Horizon SC Elite XL produces a windrow that growers can pick up cleanly with balers.

Work results

Dropping it in a windrow

Work results

Dropping it in a windrow

The Geringhoff Horizon SC Elite XL leads the way with its single pass process, creating a clean, user-defined windrow free of rock and debris.

Specially designed

Row unit

The Horizon SC Elite XL offers the versatility to collect, or not collect stalks based on field or customer preference.

Well thought out down to the last detail

Residue Management

Classic lawnmower-style swinging blades plus the ability to disengage the chopper.

Dual use

Harvest Efficiency

Corn stover acts as a primary biomass source, and its precise collection parameters require the exacting windrow the Horizon SC Elite XL has the ability to offer.

The concept

"The Horizon SC Elite XL combines the advantages of the Horizon Elite XL with the ability to windrow corn straw without getting in contact with dirt."

Many reasons for Geringhoff

Benefit from best-in-class standard specs

Many reasons for Geringhoff

Benefit from best-in-class standard specs

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An innovative drive system 1/3

Excellent Performance

Great performance requires an exceptional drive system. Our headers are driven by a reliable crown wheel gearbox we deliberately designed a system that does work without chains and belts to ensure smooth harvesting.

An innovative drive system 2/3

Safe and Reliable

Geringhoff uses Centaflex® couplings to connect the row units. The dampers on the couplings significantly reduce vibration and shock loads on the gearbox that drives the row unit, thereby multiplying its reliability.

An innovative drive system 3/3

Excellent service life

An excellent service life, low maintenance, great flexibility, and compatibility with different combines are truly good reasons for choosing Geringhoff.

Gathering system

A unique gathering chain idea

Gathering Chains

Always ready and perfectly tensioned

The gathering chains are tensioned automatically. The gathering chain can be changed quickly and easily thanks to the Geringhoff special tool. As the chain tensioner is tuned to the patented sprocket, the driveline is protected from blockages caused by debris and gearbox failures are avoided. Geringhoff is the only manufacturer to offer automatic tensioning for the gathering chains.

Available in Most Major Combine Colors

A Head for Every Combine

Geringhoff corn heads are available in most major combine colors at no additional. Whether you're matching your combine or picking your favorite color, you have the choice. Or increase your resale value and accent any combine with the Geringhoff-exclusive Midnight Harvest head color.

Additional Features

Customized down to every detail

Each field has its specific characteristics and challenges. Our goal is to rise to these challenges and provide you with a head that results in maximum yields from your crop. Upgrade your corn head with our range of additional options and accessories.

Standard Feature

Down Corn Auger

The down corn auger makes harvesting down crops even easier. The hydraulically driven conveyor auger located on the outside bodies (left-hand, right-hand, or double-sided design) of your Geringhoff corn head prevents cobs from being slung toward the edge of the crop. It also keeps crop residues from accumulating on the outer bodies.


Sunflower Kit

As an alternative, Geringhoff corn heads may be fitted with an active or passive sunflower harvest system. Field characteristics and crop maturity levels will determine which system is recommendable.



Precise header height control over all types of terrain. At the heart of the Headsight header height control system are flexible poly paddles and reliable electronics. Other systems will dig in to the soil and damage the system when in reverse, but not Headsight. It's design is operator friendly and has been used reliably for decades.


ICF Sweeper

Using our proven German engineering for Geringhoff heads, the Integrated Crop Flow (ICF) Sweeper helps to substantially increase yield potential in down and extremely dry corn.