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Precision, agility, and maximum combine capacity

The TruFlex draper head stands for flexible force

Precision, agility, and maximum combine capacity

The TruFlex draper head stands for flexible force


Suitable for all types of crop

The TruFlex (Razor) draper head harvests all cereals, canola, soybean and special crops like peas, linseed, lupine and more, adapting perfectly to the field conditions of the individual crops.

TruFlex and TruFlex Razor

A truly precise yet gentle draper

Sensitive crops present a special challenge to today’s heads. Heads that cut almost at ground level make the difference, minimizing losses and ensuring consistent crop flows. The TruFlex and TruFlex Razor brings a new dimension to flotation cutting. Take your choice:

The frame for

TruFlex 30

30 ft. draper belt head with true flexible cutterbar, a rigid frame and rigid reel

The frame for

TruFlex Razor 35 & 40

35 ft. or 40 ft. draper belt head with a true flexible cutterbar, three-section frame and three-section reel

True flexibility

Cutting edge design

Combines a flexible frame and flexible cutter bar with a segmented and flexible reel, meaning every contour is easily traversed and cut razor-close.

The Reel

A unique concept

The lightweight Flip-Over reel is made from high-quality aluminum and designed for an unobstructed view of the middle of the head for perfect control and visibility.

  • Three-piece reel on the 35 feet and 40 feet TruFlex Razor models
  • Single-piece, rigid reel on the 30 feet TruFlex model
  • Optimum crop flow
  • Low weight
  • The design offers unobstructed view of the middle of the cutterbar.

Leave nothing in the field

Only with a truly precise yet gentle draper

There’s no such thing as a perfectly uniform or evenly contoured field. For low growing crops, the Geringhoff TruFlex Razor offers a first-in-class flexible frame, flexible cutter bar, plus a flexible, segmented reel. That's forceful flexibility, three times over. That unique combination proprietary to the TruFlex Razor results in delicate, precision harvest. This exclusive design lends itself to the future of harvesting.

Maximize combine capacity

Harvest Efficiency

Enables growers to maximize combine capacity unmatched by other heads. The flexibility of the TruFlex allows the closest cut regardless of terrain and header width.

Reduces weight and losses


By placing the knife drive in the middle of the cutterbar, there is less weight on the wings. This made it possible to make the side panels narrower. This reduces losses during harvesting.


The unique draper

  • Exceptional Flex Even in the Toughest Terrain
  • Center Knife Drive Minimizes Vibration for Smoother Feeding
  • Optional Air Flow System Delivers More Beans to the Table

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