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SunLite Horizon

For efficient, sustainable harvesting

SunLite Horizon

For efficient, sustainable harvesting

Harvesting sunflowers...

The initial contact is key

Harvesting sunflowers is a sensitive job and the plants have to be treated with care to reap maximum results. It is the initial contact of the plant with the machine that makes the difference here. Our tips, specially developed for gentle sunflower harvesting, ensure a perfect start.

Discover the benefits of chopping

Be bold...

Raise your expectations

Raise your expectations! For the most part, sunflowers are made up of highly abrasive material. When the stover is chopped, the chops are spread evenly across the field, which has many advantages. Boost your the quality of your produce and protect your equipment at the same time.

Do something good

Your machines will be very grateful

Your machines will be very grateful. The well-designed chopper ensures most of the aggressive stover material is left in the field. This is good news for your equipment, because this reduces the load on the machine and wear and so your productivity increases.

The idea at a glance

The horizontal chopper for boosting performance

The horizontal chopper

Boosting performance

The horizontal chopper is a perfect-fit solution for the bodywork. The counter-rotating blades prevent blockages and give clean cuts at high speeds even in the most arduous of conditions. The rotors are driven by maintenancefree, life-time lubricated gearboxes.

The drive concept

Reliable and powerful

The horizontal chopper unit is driven by a sturdy, reliable duplex chain. Each gearbox has its own cam-type clutch for individual protection and maximum reliability of the unit.

Operational reliability

Depend on it!

Each chopper gearbox is individually protected by its own cam-type clutch - for peace of mind in the heat of harvest. Wide skids out on the sides and a spring-floated bar provide excellent contouring. The flat blade carriers run clear of the ground minimizing downtimes.

Useful features for the driver

Increased driving comfort

Hydraulic height control conveniently from the combine's joystick. Visual chopper height indicator. Cleanest cuts even in the most difficult conditions.

Variable height control for the chopper

Maximum Clearance

The maximum clearance between the cutterbar and the chopper is 750mm. With a stubble height of approx. 150mm, the plant is picked at 870mm from the ground. The picking height may be higher for longer stubble

Variable height control for the chopper

Minimum Clearance

Minimum 300mm cutterbar chopper clearance. Set to the lowest stubble height, the unit picks the flowers at approx. 200mm from the ground

Bespoke sunflower design

Our pans and tips

Wear-resistant, trough-shaped tips - bespoke sunflower designs for a gentle contact. Additionally: Maximum yields at high work rates (> 6mph).

Good crop control

Relief for man and machine

The tips guide the crop to the cutterbar while the integrated seed catcher prevents any seeds from dropping to the ground. The tip width is optimized to allow for row-independent harvesting in all conditions, which reduces operator strain and mechanical stress on the head.

Our features...

Your way to success

Frame and bodywork

Slim design

Sunflowers are a sensitive crop. Therefore we have made the side panels slim and lean to avoid shattering or damage and prevent losses.

Feeding the crop into the machine

Gently and cautiously for maximum yields

The height-adjustable and degressive helper roll helps feed the plants gently to the auger, pulling them through with great care and very slowly - thanks to its massive 620mm diameter. This significantly enhances the head's performance and effectiveness.

Well constructed

For minimized losses

Shatter-loss grooves ensure maximum versatility for varying row spacings. Combined with the independently adjustable helper roll this ensures an almost loss-free harvesting process.

No residue management needed?

Our SunLite sunflower head is also available without a horizontal chopper