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Narrow Rows. Higher Yields.

The best corn header in a 15" configuration

Narrow Rows. Higher Yields.

The best corn header in a 15" configuration

Freedom on your fields

Harvest like there's no tomorrow

The freedom to vary row spacing, make better use of your acreage, and the freedom to use your Freedom header to keep your crops ready for many harvests to come.

Reach the next level

Because the crops of tomorrow are here

The Geringhoff Freedom Corn Head is part of our Independence product line. Its powerful 15" row harvesting capability, make the Freedom the most advanced narrow row corn head available today. The Freedom provides a gateway to narrow corn production while maintaining our high standards for yield retention and performance even in the toughest conditions. The Freedom allows for an easy transition from 30” to 15” corn with best-in-class crop gathering and stalk processing technology. The innovative patented row unit uses angled gathering chains to gently deliver the ears to the auger trough. The vertical return of the chain lug works to eliminate shelling. The combination of more row units per foot of cut com a flat profile make the Freedom the best solution for down corn in narrow rows.

Residue Management

Your Choice in Processing

In addition to being the only head on the market in 15” spacing that acts like a traditional corn head with dual gathering chains, the Freedom corn head also offers harvesting versatility with the option of either the North Star* or the Rota Disc processing systems.

Residue Management

North Star*

North Star* processing system features:
  • Non-chopping
  • 4” - 6” stalk segments
  • Distributed centrally over the row
  • Fractured stubble

Residue Management

Rota Disc

Rota Disc processing system features:
  • Chopping
  • 1” - 3” stalk segments vertically sliced
  • Distributed downward and evenly across the field
  • Exploded stubble using stubble knife

OSU Row Width Study

Studies show the advantages of narrow row planting
See Study Results »

OSU Row Width Study

Studies show the advantages of narrow row planting
See Study Results »

The concept

Revolutionary design

The Freedom's revolutionary and patented design offers gentle delivery of the crop to the trough, the key to success.

Gathering system

Innovative gathering system improves feeding

The Freedom corn head's angled gathering chains are an exclusive Geringhoff design. This angled twin-chain system optimizes crop feeding and reduces crop loss and plugging - all benefits you'll notice in even the highest yielding conditions.

Further advantages:
  • Best reception of bearing corn
  • Lower losses as material is reliably conveyed
  • Gentle and low-loss transfer to the trough
  • Optimised cross-feed auger arrangement enables gentle transport and optimum transfer to the combine harvester
  • Flat angles of attack up to 18° possible
  • Maximum straw permeability due to flat underbody contour at 18° still possible
  • Due to optimized chain guide at 18° angle of attack, it is still possible to pick up bearing corn close to the ground
  • Narrow side area to minimize start-up losses
  • Maintenance-free side drive with high power reserve
  • Maintenance-free series gearbox with integrated slipping clutch
  • Easy top positioning for quick conversion between road transport and field work


Available in Most Major Combine Colors

A Head for Every Combine

Geringhoff corn heads are available in most major combine colors at no additional. Whether you're matching your combine or picking your favorite color, you have the choice. Or increase your resale value and accent any combine with the Geringhoff-exclusive Midnight Harvest head color.

Baker Brothers Farm, Monroe, North Carolina

Brad Baker (Freedom Owner)

"The Freedom harvest head has many advantages, but the two that are most important to me and our operation are the gathering chains that feed the combine with more consistent flow and the durability of the product. It's built to last a long time and is an investment for the future. And if you're looking for exceptional customer service, look no further than Geringhoff - they're second to none!"

Experience the future

The Freedom in action