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Geringhoff 140 year History of Innovation

The Evolution of Geringhoff

Harvesting innovation since 1880

The Evolution of Geringhoff

Harvesting innovation since 1880

Our History

Geringhoff yesterday and today

History shows: Geringhoff has always been an agricultural pioneer. Many of todays standards were developed by Geringhoff, and to this day the company strives to meet harvesting demands worldwide.

Geringhoff is: Experience, tradition, reliability, and the perfect way to harvest.

  1. 1880

    Carl Geringhoff founded his company in Ahlen and specialized in harvesting technology. His goal: To make harvesting easier and more productive, and to improve the living and working conditions of farmers

  2. 1890

    Geringhoff begins with the development of threshing machines.

  3. 1956

    Geringhoff recognizes the needs of its costumers for corn harvesting equipment and specializes in the development of corn heads. Working together with Daimler-Benz, Geringhoff created the first European self-propelled harvester for corn. The key to an agricultural revolution.

  4. 1964

    Geringhoff delivers the first corn cob header with straw crusher mounted below the first row unit.

  5. 1977

    Launch of the first horizontal chopper for combine-mounted corn heads.

  6. 1987

    Production start of of revolutionary and unique single-roller head with the first fully integrated corn straw chopper.

  7. 1989

    Geringhoff starts designing and manufacturing the grain mill MCX. Furthermore the company presents a folding grain table.

  8. 1995

    Geringhoff introduces the Rota Disc®. Farmers around the world are enthusiastic about the patented three-roller system with integrated stubble cutter. Soon after the company begins using a drive without any chains and belts for the first time. An innovative approach which clearly increases the durability.

  9. 1998

    Geringhoff corn heads conquer the North American market. The first step towards Geringhoff USA is made

  10. 2004

    Geringhoff presents the first maize picking attachment with three-rotor technology, integrated straw chopper and horizontal cut stubble separator - The Horizon Star*

  11. 2007

    Geringhoff introduces the SunStar* and SunStar* Horizon and expands its product line to the sunflower harvesting market. Geringhoff exports the first series-built 24-row corn head to North America.

  12. 2009

    Geringhoff presents the Horizon Star* II corn header with horizontal chopper and separating system. The optimized position of the horizontal stubble cutter ensures an optimum stubble pattern even under the most unfavorable harvesting conditions.

  13. 2012

    Geringhoff acquires the St. Cloud facility in Minnesota and establishes a production line only one year later.

  14. 2014

    The company is still growing. After the founding of Geringhoff USA in 2012, Geringhoff takes the chance to acquire a third production plant. Our Guissen facility becomes the latest expansion of the company over night.

  15. 2016

    Introduction of the first Geringhoff draper – the TruFlex.

  16. 2019

    Geringhoff presents the Horizon Star* III at AGRITECHNICA, which is awarded the "INNOVATION AWARD AGRICHTECHNICA". The world's first corn picker that destroys corn stubble during harvesting and makes a significant contribution to environmentally friendly corn borer control and improved field hygiene.

  17. 2021

    Geringhoff introduces the AFT (Adaptive Flex Technology) corn head. Designed for harvesting in terraces and hilly terrains, the AFT has a pivot point in the center of the frame that provides ±8° flex range.