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The Patriot of high yields

A premium offering built for any challenge

The Patriot of high yields

A premium offering built for any challenge

Meet the Patriot

The future of corn heads is here

The innovative design of the Patriot was engineered to deliver outstanding performance in your fields no matter the conditions. It's very forgiving when harvesting directly on the row is a challenge. The Patriot is well suited for single or twin row planting configurations, and ready to take on downed corn.

Residue Management

North Star*

North Star* processing system features:
  • Non-chopping
  • 4” - 6” stalk segments
  • Distributed centrally over the row
  • Fractured stubble

Residue Management

North Star* XDC

All-New North Star* XDC processing system features:
  • Chopping
  • 2 ½” - 3 ½” stalk segments cut into small pieces
  • Placed around stubble for rapid decomposition
  • Ideal for no-till and strip-till farming

Residue Management

Rota Disc

Rota Disc processing system features:
  • Chopping
  • 1” - 3” stalk segments vertically sliced
  • Distributed downward and evenly across the field
  • Exploded stubble using stubble knife

Xtreme DeComposition (XDC) Rolls

Xtreme DeComposition (XDC) Rolls are our new residue management rolls. They are an upgrade to our ‘work horse’ North Star* rolls, which have been a staple in the Geringhoff line for years.

XDC Quick Facts
  • Crimps, slices, and dices residue in to 2.5- 3.5” pieces
  • Places residue around stubble to maximize decomposition
  • Provides better seed to soil contact for improved germination and higher yield potentials
  • Reduces erosion and keeps straw in the field to break down into organic matter
  • 4 bolted and carbide coated knives for a total of 8 cutting edges
  • Long lasting blades that are easy to replace, allowing for trouble-free maintenance
  • No speed adjustments needed from standard rolls
  • Designed for our row units and drivelines
Enhanced Features Not Found on Other Corn Heads

The Patriot

Versatile and Durable

Its enhancements include wide angle deck plates, precision engineered gathering system, end row augers, stainless steel wear strips, and factory installed stubble lights. The Patriot is truly a premium corn head. Rapidly evolving seed genetics and planting practices are leading to many challenges where traditional harvesting machines may not perform up to expectation. Geringhoff's revolutionary Patriot corn head is unrivaled in taking on the evolving demands of tomorrows corn fields.

Steve Luther, Patriot owner

"It just inhales corn, and it's the only head I'll use on our farm!"

Best-in-class standard


Double Sprocket Gathering Chains Eliminate Whipping and Cob Loss Common in Twin Row Harvesting. Extra-Hard Surfacing Extends Life of Snapping Roll Supports & Deck Plates. Stainless Steel Wear Guards to Promote Row Divider Stability.

Premium arguments


Developed Specifically as Premium Header Experience. Proven Efficient on Stine Seed Twin 20-Inch Planting Configuration. Built to Handle Increase in Volume of Both Crop and Residue.