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Press Release

Corn heads for narrow crop rows

GERINGHOFF offers an extensive range of different corn heads for narrow row widths. With the latest changes in EU agricultural policy affecting the use of chemicals like glyphosate, the established cropping systems well undergo a process of optimisation.

This development involves the topics of soil shading, more efficient use of the available water and new types of weed control. One approach to optimising the growing of grain maize is reducing the row widths. This will create synergy effects by implementing drill and hoeing technology on the same machine. Another positive effect is that the canopy closes faster and soils drought is reduced. This is also a valid point in terms of profitability, because a more uniform distribution of the plants leads to higher yields.  

In addition to the standard row widths of 70cm, 75cm and 80cm, GERINGHOFF offers the Mais Star* Horizon corn head for narrower rows of up to 50cm and the Mais Star* SC corn head of up to 45cm, each with horizontal stalk chopper.  

The Rota Disc and Mais Star* models are available in row widths of up to 37.5cm. This makes GERINGHOFF the only manufacturer with an integrated straw chopper in narrow row widths.

In addition, the HSII, RD and MSH product families have been extended by models with odd row numbers to cater for soils prone to compaction. This means that crops sowed with symmetrical drills can be harvested with the harvester running in the tracks of the seeder.

narrow row corn head with 45° angled gathering chains narrow row freedom corn head narrow row freedom corn headnarrow row freedom corn head narrow row freedom corn head narrow row freedom corn head