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Press Release

Geringhoff's new Adaptive Flex Technology (AFT) corn heads adapts and conquers any terrain

Ahlen, Germany/St. Cloud, Minnesota – Geringhoff, LLC, the leader in premium, high-performance harvest heads, today announces the launch of their Adaptive Flex Technology (AFT) corn harvesting head. This offering will be available in 12 and 16 row corn heads with 30” row spacing. This head will be compatible with the NorthStar, NorthStar XDC and Rota Disc processing systems. This premium product is specially designed for harvesting corn in terraces and hilly terrains. The AFT head has a pivot point in the center of the frame that gives the farmer the flexibility to adapt their corn head to the contour of the land; thereby, maximizing their yield potential in difficult landscapes.

Adaptive Flex Technology (AFT) Quick Facts:
  • Built to maximize harvest yield potential on terraces or hilly country
  • Compatible with NorthStar, NorthStar XDC and Rota Disc processing systems
  • Available in 12 and 16 rows with 30” row spacing
  • Flex Range ± 8 degrees
    • 12 rows = 50” total flex range
    • 16 rows = 68” total flex range
  • Fully automatic height and flex control (can also be controlled manually)

“Finding new and better ways to help farmers get the most out of their harvest is what we do best.” Craig Lee, Director of Sales, North America said. “The AFT head will revolutionize the way corn is harvested on terraces or hilly conditions. The AFT head will have 8 degrees of flex on either side of the center pivot point. Using the 16 row as an example, that gives farmers 68” of total flex range! We’re very excited to offer this kind of harvest technology.”

Flexing Corn Head

Adaptive Flex Technology (AFT)

Adaptive Flex Technology AFT flexing corn head