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Press Release

New styling for the folding grain tables from Geringhoff

Harvest Star* and Harvest Star* Vario

For farmers who farm smaller fields and travel between fields several times a day, GERINGHOFF is launching the updated series of folding three-piece grain tables. At Agritechnica 2019, the series will be presented in a new design. The base unit boasts a black paint finish while the sides are finished in the individual manufacturer brand livery.

The established driveline relies on gearboxes doing without belts and chains and offering a maintenance-free cutter bar drive that was supplemented by further options. Additional models will be available in the coming harvest season. The product line splits into the "Harvest Star" variant with a fixed table length and the "Harvest Star Vario" with variable table lengths from 575 mm to 1,075 mm. The "Harvest Star" version for 5.4-7.8m work widths is available immediately after Agritechnica. The working widths of 7.5m and 7.8m add further options in the top range. The "Harvest Star Vario" headers will be available at widths from 5.4m to 7.2m, with 6.9m added as a new working width.

All models offer an automatic driveshaft coupler and a hydraulic cutting angle control is an option on selected combine models. The headers suit all combine brands.

folding grain tables harves star vario folding grain tables harves star vario folding grain tables harves star vario