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Press Release

Geringhoff's new state-of-the-art Xtreme DeComposition (XDC) rolls provide rapid decomposition of both the residue and stubble

Ahlen, Germany/St. Cloud, Minnesota – Geringhoff LLC, the leader in premium, high-performance harvest heads, today announces the launch of their XDC Rolls. The XDC Rolls are a corn residue management upgrade to their “work horse” NorthStar Elite line, which has been a staple of the Geringhoff line for years. This product, which is to be a premium in residue management, crimps, rips and dices corn residue into 2.5-3.5” pieces and windrows them so they settle around the stubble causing rapid decomposition.

XDC Quick Facts:
  • Crimps, rips and dices residue into 2.5-3.5” pieces
  • Places residue around stubble to maximize decomposition
  • Provides better seed to soil contact for improved germination and higher yield potential
  • Reduces erosion and keeps straw in the field to break down into organic matter
  • 4 bolted and carbide coated knives for a total of 8 cutting edges
  • Long lasting blades that are easy to replace when the time comes providing easy maintenance
  • No speed adjustments needed from standard rolls

“As a leader in premium performance harvest equipment, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the right residue management system for their farm’s needs.” Bill Dickhut, President of North America and COO of Geringhoff global said. “The XDC gives customers that practice strip-till or no-till farming the ability to dice residue and have it placed around the stubble to maximize decomposition. This allows a clean row for planting in the next season while the stubble row breaks back down into organic matter.”

About Geringhoff, LLC: Geringhoff is the leader in premium, high-performance harvest heads and is focused on providing farmers with the best harvest equipment to maximize their yield potentials. All Geringhoff products are developed with precision engineering, are built with top quality materials and backed by excellent customer service. Founded in 1880 in Ahlen, Germany, Geringhoff is still family owned and operated to this day.

Residue Management

Xtreme DeComposition (XDC) Rolls

Xtreme DeComposition (XDC) Rolls residue processing management