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Press Release

Rethinking agriculture: The NeXaT system vehicle

We are proud of the success of NeXaT and are happy to equip this promising project with powerful attachments! The system was awarded the gold medal of the "Innovation Award AGRITECHNICA 2022" by DLG. NeXaT is a newly developed wide-span interchangeable carrier vehicle that handles tillage, seeding, crop protection and harvesting with mounted modules. In the near future, the module change will be fully automated. However, the project is not only intended to revolutionize the technical implementation of arable farming, but also to pave new ways for more profitable and ecological agriculture. So the focus is on a sustainable approach to the soil and the environment.

Geringhoff-NeXaT Geringhoff-NeXaT Geringhoff-NeXaT Geringhoff-NeXaT