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Superior Residue Management

XDC (Xtreme DeComposition) Rolls

The North Star* XDC Rolls are our newest chopping residue management rolls. They are an upgrade to our standard North Star* knife rolls which have been in the Geringhoff product line since 2001. The North Star* XDC Rolls crimp, slice, and dice corn residue into 2.5”-3.5” pieces and places them around the stubble causing rapid decomposition of both the residue and stubble.

XDC Rolls Quick Facts

  • Crimps, slices, and dices residue in to 2.5- 3.5” pieces
  • Places residue around stubble to maximize decomposition
  • Provides better seed to soil contact for improved germination and higher yield potentials
  • Reduces erosion and keeps straw in the field to break down into organic matter
  • 4 bolted and carbide coated knives for a total of 8 cutting edges
  • Long lasting blades that are easy to replace, allowing for trouble-free maintenance
  • No speed adjustments needed from standard rolls
  • Designed for our row units and drivelines
XDC Rolls Testimonials

Farmer Testimonials

Greg Hansen

Greg Hansen from Hansen Farms in Manning, Iowa discusses how the XDC Rolls on their 12 row Geringhoff North Star* corn head have improved their harvest and assisted with their no-till planting.

Farmer Testimonials

Peyton Harper

Peyton Harper from Harper Farms in Trenton, TN talks about his experience with harvesting with the XDC rolls on Geringhoff Patriot corn head and they have helped improve his residue breakdown.
A Head to Meet Your Needs
The XDC Rolls are compatible with a variety of our head of the class Geringhoff corn head frames. Whatever your field conditions and residue processing needs are, we have a corn head frame to help you conquer the terrain and maximize yield potential.

XDC Rolls Compatible Corn Heads

North Star*

The North Star* offers an exceptionally smooth and quiet running system, despite its fierce appetite in the field. Aside from removing the ears, it processes the stalk for greater breakdown and post harvest tillage.

XDC Rolls Compatible Corn Heads


The Patriot corn head, with its wide angled gathering system, provides flexibility for the operator to harvest single or twin rows. Choose the Patriot for the ultimate corn harvesting experience.