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Discover the Harvest Star* Vario grain table

With hydraulic table length adjustment and proven Geringhoff folding technology

The Harvest Star* Vario table enables you to leverage all the advantages offered by the world's only folding grain table featuring a hydraulic table length adjustment. In ideal conditions it is always easy to achieve satisfactory performance, but in down crops or special crops everything is down to the technical levels of refinement in head oder table design. The harvesting specialists at Geringhoff are aware of these challenges and offer optimized solutions and innovations to make your harvest more successful.

Hydraulic table length adjustment

Quickly adjust to varying conditions

A key requirement for optimum crop flow is a table position adjusted to the type and characteristics of the relevant canola or grain field. Ideally, adjustment should be possible on the go, at the touch of a button from the cab, eliminating the need to awkwardly add or remove extension plates.

The Harvest Star* Vario table offers a stepless 500 mm adjustment range within a table position of 575 mm to 1075 mm. Easily convert your table for harvesting grain, canola, or soy beans in no time.

The Geringhoff folding system

Changing fields

The grain tables features Geringhoff's advanced and proven folding system. Time-consuming changeovers in the heat of harvest are a thing of the past now and your combine's productivity is boosted enormously. Not only does the folding system save time by eliminating the need to hitch and unhitch a trailer, it also saves money as no trailer is needed in the first place.


From the working position…


...it only takes a few moments...


...in transport position!

Folding in or out within seconds

The proven Geringhoff folding system

The precisely synchronized folding process is based on a sophisticated coupling system. Geringhoff's automatic coupling system for the reel, cutterbar, auger, and transmission shaft couplings has proven to be exceptionally strong, reliable, and durable.
  • Changing between transport and harvest position takes no longer than 60 to 120 seconds.
  • This means for five to six field changes per day you will need no more than 12 minutes of change-over time!

Our standard equipment

No compromise in standard specs

No matter which model you opt for, Geringhoff's standard specification is a solid basis for excellent harvest results. Accept no compromise when you can have it all!

Innovative drive system

Positive shaft and gearbox drive ensures maximum performance

Thanks to the absence of chains and belts, the cutterbar drive is very powerful and vibration-free. This ensures extremely smooth running and reduces maintenance to a minimum.

Reliable cutterbar

Easy cutting for high profits

The knife coupler designed by Geringhoff connects the divided Schumacher cutting system in a form-fit manner and ensures constant power transmission. The proven Schumacher interchangeable cutting technology ensures a reliable and powerful cut - especially in humid conditions and heavy green crop. The knife blades and mowing fingers can be replaced individually.

Stay in control

Keep track of your harvest

Geringhoff relies on an electronic controller to provide an intelligent solution for monitoring shaft speeds and controlling the fold, table extension, and vertical knife functions.


Technical details

HVV 540 5,40 3,20 3.080
HVV 600 6,00 3,20 3.180
HVV 660 6,60 3,50 3.340
HVV 690 6,90 3,80 3.410
HVV 720 7,20 3,80 3.450

*NOTE: Weights may vary depending on combine model and equipment.